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Issue with spend account

Unable to transfer money from linked bank account to spend smart account.

Funding source issues and support is terrible

This app does weird things when trying to add funding sources and removing a funding source has to be manually done by support only they take days and says to respond. If you need support, better be ready to wait 7-10 days! No joke!

No Help to Cancel

I decided to withdrawal my funds as the investments weren’t making enough to cover the cut they were taking each month. However I couldn’t cancel my subscription or close the account. Terrible setup.

Poor Customer Service

I have been in contact with support team and followed their instructions on my issue. That didn’t solve the issue. After that they refuse to respond to my email seeking further help. I tried messaging them in the app and the send button does not allow me to send a new message. Every thing is filled in.

Easiest way to save

You save money automatically by simply paying for daily needs. Saving is done effortlessly.

Customer Support

I have been trying to contact someone in customer support for 2-3 weeks now in regards to money that has stayed at “transferring to bank”. I have had absolutely no response from anyone and out of ways to try and contact someone. I have loved your app up until this issue.

Not connecting

This app was great for the first 2 months; my investment total doubled since I downloaded it from all the round ups! But now, and for the last few weeks, the app is telling me there is an error connecting to my bank, therefore won’t continue to roundup any purchases. I love this app and I love earning money from spending money, but this “Generic Error” is very disappointing and I’d love for the problem to be fixed ASAP.

Terrible customer service

It is unacceptable for a company claiming to be a financial institution to have such poor customer service. They make it difficult to get the perks they promise and they make it difficult to deal with customer service so you’ll give up and they won’t have to give you the money they owe you. I am getting fed up and planning on shutting down my account soon. I have a significant amount of money (at least for me) with them, and without being able to communicate efficiently with customer service it is impossible to continue.

Can not believe it

Despite UNCOUNTABLE attempts to contact Acorns I am continuously ignored. I have asked to help many many many times with no reply and finally have tried FIVE times to delete my accounts and STOP STEALING MONEY FROM ME!!! By withdrawing money from my account that I cannot delete because no one will answer. Furious. Frustrated. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I can not believe it. Please contact me so that I may delete my account.

Bad service

I’ve had several issues with this app. I sent their support desk a few emails that required a response. They don’t respond. Poor service from a company you give a ton of sensitive important info to as well as access to your financials. Do better guys.


Will not allow me to delete any of my checking accounts. Basically holding them hostage. Hard to reach anyone and does not appear to be trustworthy. BEWARE!!!!


I like the idea of investment and saving for the future, I thought downloading this would help a lot. I liked it till I found out that the spare change from rounding up was actually taken out of your bank account when finished rounding up which I wasn’t 99.9% sure on how it actually worked, and now I’m not sure on how to get it to stop and unlink everything after realizing I don’t want to use the app anymore. So it’s very confusing if you don’t really know how to use it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Too many errors

Had this app before and had a bit of trouble linking my bank account to Acorns. And now I haveing the same problem and not only this but I can't even log in on their website. This is definitely not something an app or company should push aside. Especially since they know my credit info and social security. Beginning to thing I shouldn't trust such an unsecure error filled company!

Apple Watch?

Where’d the Apple Watch app go in the latest update? I loved that thing.

No customer service

It is very annoying that my reviews get deleted in each update. Acorns doesn't have a customer support. They responded to my message after 5 days. There is no phone number to call. I wanted to cancel a transaction but there is no way of doing it on the app and there is noone to call. In addition, they do funky stuff when you deposit money. They show it to you as the shares were bought in whatever day that is advantageous for them to make money via arbitrage. The money transfer takes about 4 days and if the funds were more expensive on day 1, they show it as the funds were bought on that day but actually buy it on (e.g.) day 4 when the shares are cheaper and pocket the difference. I manually tracked the share prices and there is always a big drop (much more than the market drop in my shares) on the day my deposit is posted. I stopped all my transactions and will be exiting when the market is better. You can see what etf shares Acorns buys. I am buying some of those manually via Robinhood myself now. Goodbye cheating and lying Acorns.

Bad referral process

There was a seemingly good referral bonus for 5 new customers in October. I guiltily harassed 5 friends and they agreed to help. They all thought they had complied and were set up with the app. Turns out one of them had not achieved a FIVE DOLLAR minimum investment so acorns would’t honor the promotion. So make it clearer how to comply then? They’ve downloaded the app. Close the deal! I hand delivered them five new customers and they couldn’t be bothered to honor the referral. Why frustrate and alienate five current and potential customers? I can’t recommend acorns or the referral process after this. And I recommended to all my referral friends they delete the app. - Former happy customer and advocate :(


I felt this is very confusing to use. I can’t ever seem to find a balance. I’m not sure if it was even working. Went to go close my account and I couldn’t find how to do so. Not worth the effort. Better investing apps out there.

Great scam

Been watching the performance of my Acorn account daily... market goes up account balance remains the same, market goes down account balance goes down. Could get better performance from a piggy bank.

New app

I enjoyed old app and had the ability to see all my available money for investing. Cannot see that with this app. Also now having trouble with my bank account linking up. Was not an issue before update.

What happened with roundup!

This app used to be awesome, but they changed the one feature I used to make it almost impossible to find and use the round-up feature. I asked for help and I got an automated email with a video and was told a human would email me back within 3 days. It’s been a week and no one has contacted me. Total bummer. Invested lots of money through them and I feel like I got ghosted and they changed the game on me. Looking for a new app.


I had to change my investments from weekly five dollars to monthly Five dollars because I am on a fixed income After reviewing the videos I am getting better understanding and in the future I hope I could increase my investing to the full amount

No complaints

Cooool app. Turned my round ups on and just let it go for months. It definitely adds up! I’ll forget about it for a long while and go back to find money saved! Occasionally when I’m in a good saving mood I’ll use the one time deposits. No complaints. Pretty simple could help you get somewhere if you’re bad at saving like me

Not letting me withdrawal

Ever since the update it hasn’t let me withdrawal any of the money I have under my account . For that being said I’m unhappy about this site and going to find another one since this one won’t let me withdrawal the money I have saved

Odell Beckham

Customer service good luck

Investing for the first time

Thank you for opening a new world for me. This is my first time investing in anything!!!


I am a stay at home Grandma that just wanted to like this company. I thought this is incredible. I can slowing invest and although I do realize there is risk in any investment, I do NOT see how their +/- gains and losses with the investments I chose ALWAYS had a loss, never a gain, not even a +.01 My acct continually got reduced. Now I’m not stupid. I’ve been watching the market and while there was actual gains, Acorns still said there was a loss. I also realize that it depends on what you are invested in. Acorns does not let you see what companies or bonds your money is invested in. They only say what percentage of large or small companies, or percentage of bonds your money is invested in. So just what are they investing our money in when there is never a gain? Pretty deceptive if you ask me. While the actual market will show something like up up down down down up down up down down up down up up up down down etc...(just as an example), Acorns was always down down down down down down .... constantly taking my money. This is not realistic. Also when I withdrew what was left, they did not give me what I had left. They still took a little more first. DON’T TRUST YOUR MONEY HERE. This is not an actual investment company. It is a way of robbing people of little bits of money here and there to fund their own pockets. Pennies a day from each one of us ends up equaling millions of Sakkara for them while you are trying hard to save up enough to do some real investing. Look on, get out and don’t look back. Also, they don’t allow you to delete your acct. I have not been able to do that. Only pause my acct after taking my money out and I don’t trust that they won’t try to charge me more after all that I have read here.


New update makes app very difficult to navigate. Went from user friendly to frustrated user!

Keeps charging my card after card has been unlinked

This app was working fine until I got a new card I unlinked that card and stopped using acorns all together I was recently billed and it wasn’t my reoccurring transaction.

Excellent investment app

Investing without worrying. I love it.


I really like the concept of rounding up. I did some homework comparing Stash vs. Acorn. They were pretty close in comparison but some tangible differences. So, I signed up for both. Registration for both was simple. The problem I ran into with acorn was linking bank account, and linking debit card. Receiving Customer service for acorn is standard 1-2 days via email.... which is extremely frustrating when a quick chat on the phone could solve the issue. This is week 2 after signing up and the problem hasn’t fully been solved. The verification of deposits that I submitted were correct but rejected by acorn as invalid amounts.... I am about to give up & close account, hopefully this review will get someone’s attention and I will receive real LIVE help. Otherwise, I’m just going to let the Squirrels have these nuts....

Great App - Poor Investment Tool

Love the idea of round ups, but not for $1 / mo and limited control over where my money is actually going. I’ve made annual contributions for over a year, plus round ups and am net negative. Open a high interest checking account or call your own shots on Robinhood. At least then when you loose money it’ll be on something you believed in and not a service charge for something that doesn’t deliver.

Never could link bank accounts

Not sure if this site is legit could not link 2 bank accounts.


The app has been great so far. One plus about acorns is the support available if you need guidance and knowledge about the app. Pretty neat app

Mom and realtor

I needed to do more of this earlier. Acorn makes it perfect to help understand things. Is there risks of course there are, but I’m careful and they guide you.


After three automatic transfers from Acorns from my bank account, I am unable to locate evidence of my funds in the Acorns app and I’ve been unable to contact Acorn’s customer support. I’m canceling ASAP. So annoyed. Shouldn’t have to be this difficult.

Great app, could use a few tweaks

I thoroughly enjoy using Acorns, and have enjoyed a decent return since I began using it. My main gripe is about the interface - it can be a bit unintuitive at times and takes some time to understand where all of the settings are. I'd also like if the performance period could be set - I've withdrawn money from the account before but the performance view always provides data from the inception of the account. It would be far more useful if I could reset it to only provide information from the last withdrawl or even to use a custom period. A weekly view for performance would also be useful, rather than just daily or monthly. All in all, satisfied but see some room for improvement.

Apple Watch support

What happen to watch app? I don’t see your app installed.

Don’t do it!!!

I’ve had more than one investor, banker and attorney telling me that all this sounds good but when you get updates, you can’t get your money out.

Terrible app. Don’t waste your time

It was great at first but then they start automatically taking money out of your account even with all the settings turned off. Also locked me out of my account when I tried to take my money out to close my account. Took a week to hear anything back from Emails with the company.

Feels like a scam

I’ve had this app for 6+ months and I’ve only had money taken out. Almost everyday they take more out and it never gets back to positive. This app seems like something good that will help you actually save money, but in the end you just lose money you invested. I hope more people stop using this app so they can actually save their money. This is a very bad app.

User interface

No longer able to see future roundups that sometimes are missed or pending. Their “interface” may seem to have more information, but less user friendly. I was getting deposits from roundups every few days. Now, once a week. It is not catching them all. When i look from my bank to Acorns. They are not there. Either they are losing my money, or slacking on their end. I have not changed any of my spending habits. I would have rated 5 stars before their interface update.


You changed the user interface of the app and now it’s hard to figure out where to do what..


Last week when the market was crashing you system was down. Not good...

Acorns best decision ever made!

To be honest, at first I was a little skeptical but as I learned more about it and got the app figured out, which is really easy. With the articles to read to help save for the future.. It’s the best thing I could’ve done for my fiancée and I especially because I do a lot of online shopping, purchasing gas and General grocery shopping itself, makes you feel better to know you get Something back from moneys spent. You’d be surprised how by the end of the month you have extra money you Earned from day to day purchases. I’ve recommended all of my friends and family, since they’ve started using it makes finances feel better to know you have some help if needed in the future! Definitely a great and easy app to use! Especially when starting to grow for retirement. And! With there being many partners the found money part is Amazing. From EBay to Many Many others. It’s just good to know you have financial security that you Earnes yourself! Thank you Acorns!!

Nice investment vehicle

Very simple, cost effective app that really helps you out back a little $. I love this app. Only problem is that the links drop from time to time but I don’t know if that is the bank’s issue or the credit card’s issue or Acorns issue. Still love it though!

Invest later

Acorns is an awesome app! But when I try to create my invest later account I keep receiving the same error message and to try again later. I’ve been trying to create my invest later account for about three days now, but I continue to be unsuccessful as the error continues to persist. Please fix this issue. Thank you.

No customer support

Idk what has happened but there is 0 customer support. No number to call and no one responds to the support email. When I first set up the account the rounds up worked for 2-3 times, now acorns can not link to my bank. I’ve called my bank and they said everything is fine on there end and they are not blocking acorns. I’ve been trying to get ahold of them for 3 weeks and nothing. I’ve tried re linking my bank but the problem persists. I have funds stuck in “transferring” for over a week. I even have earned money that has yet to transfer to my account. For dealing with money and have no customer support or service is scary. Oh yea and maybe because my linking isn’t working, but there is no information or tab or link to the round ups. No way of knowing how much acorns is going to pull out or has tallied up so far.

Terrible customer service

This app over drafted my account on three separate occasions. When I asked for them to reimburse me for the charges they caused. They took over a week to get back to me, their response was a simple sorry and a link to legal technicalities that are impossible to read.

Great redesign! Excited for my card!!

Love love this app. Acorns is very user-friendly, beautifully designed, and actually helpful! Setup was super easy. Round-ups are a painless, automatic way to save. Spare change does add up! Love their found money program too. I've tried a lot of the investment apps , and this is by far the best one.

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