Acorns: Invest Spare Change App Comentários

Good savings tool

I enjoy the ease with which I can save but if I need a withdrawal the payout takes way to long

So Great!

Great app! Easy to use! Very trustworthy. I love all the informative articles! Saving & investing is so interesting to me now because of this app! Thanks Acorns!

I love Acorns

Easy and helpful for me to save. Love it.

There’s no 4.5

So far I love the app. I’ve been able to built a small savings only using a small amount of $. I guess that’s the point. I just would suggest the “found money” advertisements to include existing customers so that we can apply our already existing purchases over.


I just don't really know what I'm investing in. 😕

Still waiting....

Still waiting for my account to be set up after a month :/. Disappointed that it has taken so long.

Great investment app

Of all the investment apps and websites I’ve looked at this is the first one that did not appear intimidating or hard to navigate so I am giving it a try and do far have quite satisfied. In fact compared to my previous investments I’ve made through my employer, banks and insurance companies this is easy to understand and I do not feel the least bit pushed or belittled by my minimal investing or monies in fact I find myself more willing to add monies here - thank you

Investing for my son.

Seems like it will be well worth everyone’s time.

I love it

Easy breezy, way to begin you saving journey. It’s a wonderful and easy to use application.


For some reason it will lose the link to my card/bank and I will have to relink the account, which gets annoying.

2 for now

I’ve been using the app off and on for a few years. Thought it was a great idea when it first came out and I still do. 2 stars only for now because every time I want to show it to a friend the network is unavailable. Seems very unreliable at the moment. Not sure if they’re doing that on purpose so people cannot pull out their money using the app.


I am totally surprised at How much I was able to save in a short amount of time.


Easy to use don’t need to b an expert in stocks, just add Face ID and it b perfect.

Cool savings/investing app

Easy way to save and invest money for growth without even trying. I don't even notice the money leaves my account so the money here is always a pleasant surprise when I check it. Used for about 2 years now and happy with the amount invested.

Roundup Become Unlinked

The account used for roundups keeps coming unlinked. When I ask for help they send me through the same process. Happens every 1-2 weeks. Very annoying.

Great way to save money

I first heard of acorns through a radio station . I downloaded it and since have saved tons of money. It rounds up your change and you can turn it off anytime you want. As well as makes daily , weekly or monthly deposits at your choice. I’ve recommended acorns to a few ppl and they agree as well


They are sooo quick to take money but when you want to withdraw they TAKE FOREVER to give it back. Trying to leave this app in the past is like trying to get rid of a bad relationship, they fight you every step of the way. ALSO— They said my account had almost $30 but when I withdrew $25 they said my account turned to $0 so what happened to my $5???????? Some heaux

Round up disappointment

The recurring investments are nice but I am extremely disappointed about not being able to use roundups from my main checking account. This was the draw for me and I have been waiting two weeks to get it adjusted. They should have an easy link to TD bank as it is big in the United States and in Canada.

Stop asking me for touchID upon login


Great ideas

Good idea for investing

Invest in YOURSELF

You have to circulate your cashflow, make it count..

Can’t even see WHAT they’re investing in

It doesn’t look like they’re investing in anything.....I can’t find any information about the funds that they’re supposedly investing in, on the app. Everything just redirects you to “round up” or give them even more money each month. This seems like a glorified savings account that has zero (or negative) interest. 🙁


Great way to keep your mind on the money

Log-in error...for two weeks

I was enjoying the app then all of a sudden I get a log-in error and I haven’t been able to check my account since!

Dishonest and total SCAM!!!!

So me being young and I student I really thought this app would help with me earning a little more cash. I’ve only had the app for 2-3 weeks and went from “loving it” to hating it. What they don’t tell you is the money that you round up comes out of your bank account. This put me in the negatives which made it extremely difficult for me to get to work and help provide for my family. To anyone thinking about downloading this app DON’T!!!! TOTAL SCAM!!!! Thanks to this app I now have to wait 3-5 days to get MY money back and hopefully not starve before my next paycheck. 😒🖕🏽

No Co-Ownership Accounts 👎🏼

While the app has an age of 4+, you obviously have to be 18+. Being younger than the age that you can have an account is understandable, but this app doesn’t provide a way to co own with someone who is old enough. So now when I turn 18 years old, I won’t be able to use the app nearly as effectively as I could if it wasn’t owned by someone else. I’m hoping for this feature to become available in the future, or to have transfer of ownership available because of how great this app is to teach kids how to invest. For now I am using my mom’s account and she owns everything—technically—but I invest my money for my future. Being on a mobile device makes it easier than most ways to invest, along with the other automatic features, but it is a hinderance to younger kids to not have co-ownership accounts with their parent who want to begin investing and saving for their futures now.

Love it

So easy to use!

So so

I have very mixed feelings about this app. It does provide good information and a lot of good functions. But when it comes to send and receive money and the debit card Paypal is far superior. I’ve had a number of problems with acorn in a very short time. But I’ve had Paypal pretty much since it came out and barely a hitch!!! And with Paypal so popular it’s easy to send or receive money because so many people use it unlike other companies

Love it

So I’ve had this app for a week and so far I love it it’s easy to start investing


This has to be the best application ever. Seriously. I’m real I’m normal and I did have $5 to invest which in 7 days time became $180.51 and on the 13th day of having ACORNS my account balance increased to $751.12. I am totally amazed and will continue to promote this application through all of my social media sites/accounts as well as tell everyone I know about you guys because this is really something. You took $5 of my money and turned it into $751.00 in less than 2 weeks. WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY .

This app REALLY helps you set financial goals!

I love how this app not only helps you save and invest money, but also gives you tips on how to diversify and smartly invest even the smallest amount of money. It can assist you to have sound financial goals for the near or far future, depending on what your dreams are. Great for people who are intimidated by investing in stocks, but want to get their foot in the door.

In the hole

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and this is basically a savings account. You feel good about the money you put in and sitting there, but overall I’m in the negative. I understand this is long term, but so far with charges and the performance I would be doing better in a bank. So far this is still a bank account you are charged for, minus the funds for performance.

First time

I had a little trouble with the initial set up, but today after checking my account I noticed I had invested $52.14 in less than 4 days. I was impressed. However, I think giving my testimony via video would be 20 times greater for your market research effort. Visit

Mike Radebaugh

From what I’ve seen, Acorns is a reliable and safe way to invest in your retirement future. While my crypto coin investments have faded in recent weeks, Acorns has stayed steady. And with the recent signs of the market turn this week, Acorns has again gained momentum.

It has a catch

I like this application. It’s concept is simple, easy and great. However, it still has some bugs to iron out. For one, my discover card is constantly unlinking, I get an error saying I need a “Patch call” almost every day. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even use this card in the app anymore. Furthermore, I got completely ripped on the found money. I made a purchase and for some reason it never registered so I didn’t get my cash back, makes me very hesitant to ever try found money again. Edit: Having spent more time using this application I can say better and more about the downsides of it. I am still unable to use a Discover credit card, something about the higher level of security that Discover requires which prevents a constant link between Acorns and Discover—oh, well, guess I can’t complain about my Credit Card Company being TOO secure. The biggest drawback of this app is that you’re, for the most part, dealing with small sum investments, which seams great because you would think that earning something back (even if it is a couple cents here and there) is better than just letting money sit without earning anything at all. But, because small investments don’t yield all that much within a single month, whatever you really end up earning is zeroed out by the monthly dollar fee (that is if you even earn a dollar worth of returns in a month). The app is a great if only you plan on making a somewhat large investment or if it works ideally (but, come on, nothing is ideal) and you will always run the risk of losing (just like any other investment anywhere else). Really, it’s just a great way to force yourself to save. But I don’t expect to truly make profits off investing. At this point, I really just expect to lose some change each month. Which, if you really think about it, is just the price you pay to use the app. So, no harm, no foul, but I don’t see the use in the app if you aren’t earning anything that they aren’t taking. Not to mention, unlinking your funding source isn’t as easy as just selecting “unlink”, which is very sketchy.

My bank isn’t listed

Hey guys I’d really like to start using this app to save some money and invest a little bit. I’ve heard great things about the app but the only problem is that I can’t link my account because my bank is not listed in the options. Hopefully we can chat and you guys can get my bank listed so I can use this service. Thank you!


Thank you for creating an app that works beyond belief easy!!!

Love it

U save money without knowing


How can I get my $95 and some change into my bank account? I have bills to pay this weekend coming up

Round ups not displayed

Worked for a while, but hasn't shown any transactions from 12/6/17to the present. Transactions not shown from 5/17 to 11/17. Customer service says technicians will address the problem. Problem has not been solved. I cannot recommend this app.

Love this app

Great app to get younguns to start investing at a manageable rate but in a significant way

Great investment for dumb people

This is something ever could use since there’s no class in life that teaches you how and where to invest

Worst Customer Service

It doesn’t matter if you talked to someone and they were “so nice” that it made you change your mind about your initial review. If customer service takes longer than a day to respond to you, then they have no business handling people’s money. It should also not take more than a day to cancel your account and STOP withdrawing money after I cancel. If CS is that backlogged with issues, then obviously there are so many people contacting them which means they don’t know what the they are doing. Do NOT give them access to your money!

Genius app

I love this app so much. You literally save a significant amount of money without noticing the pocket change that’s missing. It adds up fast ..... by far my favorite app.


Its an ok savings App but when you need the money it takes A WHOLE WEEK to make a withdrawal. Which for me seems excessive that an online transaction can takes that long in 2018..

Great investing app!!

Easy to understand and fun to see my money growing for the future! Great app!!! Thank you Acorns!

Worthless app it’s a scam

Don’t download this app it’s junk and stupid it took money out of my account that wasn’t in there

Unfair ad

I saw an ad on Facebook that said if I made an account and started investing, that I would automatically get $5. But since I went straight to the App Store to download it, I did not get the $5. I wrote in to complain, but they wouldn’t do anything about it since I didn’t follow the right think. This is unfair and misleading advertising.


I loved this app when it first cane out and saved a lot of money. Then it started rounding up some but not all transactions that I had wanted and then it just stopped and said my bank won’t allow it. This is people’s money so I suggest you invest in your IT department if you do t want to get a bad reputation

Always makes my acct a negative balance

Even though I have paused transfers, Acorns still transfers and puts my acct into a negative which is annoying when you pause payments.

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