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I only wish I would’ve done this sooner. My portfolio grows and I really do nothing. I have started saving a really nice amount without even noticing. Such a great program and I love it. More people should take advantage of what Acorns can do for them. People like me that really have a hard time saving when you live paycheck to paycheck.

Oaks take time

The app wants a review now for my investments later. It’s an easy app to use and its interface is designed well enough. I have made .52 cents in interest.

My bank is not listed

I really want to give it 5 stars but I wasn't able to link my card because my bank wasn't listed. I have a Visa card, it shouldn't be hard... But oh well maybe they'll contact me and add it so I can change my rating.

New investor

As a new investor, I was excited to learn more but sadly the app continually kept taking money I didn’t agree to out of my account. I knew it would roundup my purchases but additional $10 was taken twice! I don’t know how to turn this off either, they make it VERY hard to stop investing. You can “pause” your investing but not sure how long because another $10 was taken today after being paused for 4 days....

Great App

I’ve saved more money in the short 6 months I’ve been using this app than I’ve been able to save in the past five years! As a single mom, money gets tight sometimes and it’s a huge relief to have something extra put away.


Pretty solid, like every app has its flaws.

Acorns are more than just Nuts?

I relatively new, just over a month, but have close to 200.00 with change leading the way yet with pending cash not yet posted by using other vendors you can’t help but come out ahead! ESPECIALLY if you do a lot of online shopping or know your going so preorder. There’s a myriad of ways to boost your value simply by doing what you were originally going to do, make a list and go shopping for virtually anything, almost!


I was over the moon about this concept. Sadly, it only occasionally works. It linked to my bank fine originally but has intermittently dropped it. Now I can’t relink at all. Great idea when it actually works.

Are you kidding me?

Here’s what you must provide to get ‘started’.. Full legal name Complete Social Security Number Verifiable Email address Verifiable Telephone # Complete address Picture of DL, Elec Bill, etc as proof Set up password & Pin Name of your Bank Bank Routing # (this is where I shoulda stopped) Bank ACCOUNT # Bank USERNAME (this is where I stopped. Are you kidding me?) BANK PASSWORD CREDIT CAR....

Fee increase

Started charging me $1 a month. Also their projects seemed way to low on my roi

We need an iPad app.

The app is cool. I personally would like to request an iPad app for those who like to handle there investments on there tablets. But overall I like where the direction is going.

First time user

Hello there I am a first time user just downloaded the app but I am hesitant to set up a account, my two concerns are one willl my info be safeguarded and two do I have to link my bank accounts to acorn?

Investment Easy

It’s making me save for retirement or big purchases in later life a lot easier by putting away a bit each week. My only problem is that the tax forms I had to do for last year were so confusing. Is this mutual fund or IRA or what? Tax deferred on withdrawal? No idea. I had to reach out to like 4 CPAs.


I signed up only a few days ago. I set it up to MY account. Well my name is still on my exes account due to moving child support money to my bank account. It automatically without my permission linked that account too. Not only that but used all his round ups, atm usages for $1 each, bill payments etc. and went back like a week doing so. I didn’t agree to use the other bank account. Only the one I signed up with. I was shocked when I saw $10 taken out already when I have swiped my card twice. Looked and caught it thankfully. It still hasn’t deducted my card swipes personally. Only the ones on the account I didn’t opt to register but apparently the ap decided to without my approval. Rly reconsidering my decision to join now. Giving it a couple of days and if this continues I’ll close my account. I simply can’t afford to pay $10 every couple of days for it. Let alone it actually cost me money to move child support.

Better than Stash

Much better experience than Stash. Replaced stash with acorns. Loving it so far.

Doesn’t link my account

I’m not sure if it’s a problem with my bank or what exactly. But it doesn’t let me link my bank account so this app has no value to me. I have linked my bank account with other apps and it works fine.

Found money feature is a joke

Their push to get you to shop through their site with certain retailers for “found money” works whenever it feels like it, and don’t bother reaching out to customer ‘no service’ for help because there will be no efficient help. Save your dollar a month and spend two minutes of your day transferring your own spare change from each purchase.


Great idea but the app is a bit confusing.

Becki, MO

Acorns is an excellent way to save and invest, even if your new at acorns, it’s so simple to set up and monitor. Great way to save your change and you don’t even notice it. Your funds grow so fast and it’s exciting. Highly recommend!

Not Good

It never works, it asks me for my bank's password and my username I put it and it says it's not the right one, I speak to my bank and they give me the same information, sorry, I can’t understand how such a delicate application for investments and money is confused in such a simple situation

Great App

Keeps saving and investing front and center. They have added a LOT of great features.

It makes no sense

I connected my accounts with acorn and they started taking money which I understand they take the change of the purchases I make but what confuses me is that when I have a good amount invested it just drops to cents. Am I doing something wrong? Or are they just stealing my money. I’ve lost more money than what I have gain. What is the purpose? I rather burn my money.

I don’t think so

I downloaded this app I haven’t even opened the app yet because I started reading the reviews these are some pretty bad reviews I think I’ll just save myself the headache and delete this app sounds like a fraud I heard stash is the way to go

Notifications Reply June 5 post

It is beyond me how some kind person could write an entire paragraph - and me a similar-length reply - on an updated accounting procedure involving a fee of one dollar to Acorn (see June 5 post). The Acorn world was informed way in advance of it (see Acorn reply). Don’t blog Acorn, write them directly because the comment is not helping others! If someone needs help, they are there. Maybe missing here is that most likely this customer overdrew their checking account from other items on that day and was then assessed an overdraft fee on each item, including $30 on the very worthy $1 Acorn account fee. If there is not a comfort level in your checkbook above $1, I can suggest that a great part of the Acorn model is investing your loose change to your benefit. Sounds to me like your loose change is lost so why even join Acorn? You gave Acorn a one star and called them a scam based on what you wrote? I give Acorn 5 stars, do not know them or work for them, because the Acorn message is clear. Put an emphasis on your small dollar investing and big dollar future results can be yours. Find your comfort level and make a plan. The acorn did not fall far from the tree - it fell right into my portfolio. I consider Acorn to be a great partner to help me grow financially.

Retrieving money that’s not available

It doesn’t make sense that Acorns still takes money out of your account even after sending you an email stating they have paused deposits because overdraft has kicked in, leaving me in the negative in my regular bank checking account.

Highly Recommended! I saved $722 in one year

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this little app but I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I don’t make much money and have a hard time Saving but this app is so easy and it’s money that you don’t miss. I just withdrew my money last week for the first time in one year. I was waiting for there to be some kind of fee or some other crap to deal with, but no. It was so easy. They sold my shares, and about 3 days later the money was in my account. Easy breezy. Everyone should have this app. I have nothing bad to say about it. It helped me save money for the birth of our daughter and I never felt like I was missing anything. $722 in a little less than a year is incredible. Get this app if you have a hard time putting money aside. It does that hard work for you. Just leave it there and watch it grow.

Love it

Great app!


I was very excited to try Acorns. I am a little upset about sums of money withdrawn from my account that have nothing to do with my round ups and (other than $15) I have not done a recurring charge. I am hoping I can get some answers and a fix for this issue since I would like to continue this program once the bugs are worked out.

The best

Great app I love it !

Reoccurring payments do not stop

I loved it at first- however I removed one of my bank accounts that I did not actively use (it continued to withdraw from that account and I had linked another one) I also stopped payments AND got a confirmation email they had stopped. Today I got an email saying my account was overdrawn. I now have roughly $80 in overdraft charges due to a transaction that was cancelled and not approved. My investments from acorns can’t cover that lol. I will be looking into FULLY cutting ties with this company.

Can’t even link my bank

I unfortunately can’t even get started because my bank is not an option to link. Super frustrating

I love this app!!

I’m saving for my future without even thinking about it!!

Amazing app

I love acorns a lot. I really like how they have a number you can talk for help not just a email like all the others. Another good thing is there is the deposit and withdraw is very fast and easy. i link my debit so my round ups are on too which is another amazing part of the app. Ignore the bad acorns reviews this app is the best.

Great way to save money!

Pros: —lots of features. —helps me invest & save money. —easy to use —affordable app Cons: —Round up multiplier is only available in 1x, 2x, 3x, and then 10x. It would be AWESOME if they’d allow custom increments, as well. I’d like to set to 5x, but it’s not currently an option. —screen is locked to one position. Can’t use app when device is turned sideways. —reoccurring investments are chosen by date, so I can’t set up for every other week, which is when we get paid. Overall: definitely a worthwhile app, and happy to have it, just hoping future updates include issues mentioned above.


You’re charged for this app I think monthly $1 which isn’t bad if you have a larger investment. I still think it’s a good idea because it forces you to save and invest. It doesn’t cause overdraw in round up cash. I already tested that.

My review was deleted?

Apparently my review of this app was deleted. Long story short I had funds removed against accounts I DID NOT AUTHORIZE. When attempting to contact customer support. No phone number given. I find one via online search and the phones are “down for upgrade” Finally receive emails with the same phone number I found. Saying to call between 6am-5pm PST. Email is stamped 8:40PM EST which is 5:40PST. Try number again next day. And phone lines still down. After numerous requests to speak to someone and finally close account. They say my account is closed. Ended my login ability to the app, and waiting for refund of funds. Still have yet to speak to someone. Disgusted to say the least.

Don’t join this service!!

You can join through the app, but unenrolling from their paid service is not something you can do through the app. Absolute pain.

Rating just like my account....negative

Update- 8 months in, I finally hit the positive side. Took 8 months but I finally made a whooping $.50. Yep that’s 50 cents after 8 months. Been using it for awhile now, haven’t seen a dime. Every monthly charge puts me deeper in the hole. I know this is suppose to be long term, but the charge is way more than the pennies you might get. Which in all, won’t get you out of the red. So far I see no benefit, besides paying them to hold onto your money. You will always be a couple dollars in the negative though.

Excited to use but unable to

I was very excited to use this app but when I logged on to try to link my account, I was told SECU (NC) was not supported. Very disappointed but if it gets added I’m sure it’s a great app and I’d love to try it!

Outstanding Investment App

I don’t write reviews for apps but I had to write one for Acorns. Acorns is a top notch investment app in my humble opinion as a new investor! The ability to deposit and withdraw funds, the easy and functional design within the app, and the monthly statements telling me exactly where my investments went! The recurring investments and round ups are a great way to start small and grow your savings. As a young adult and as a new investor this is the best way I have found to save and invest my money. 10/10 Thanks Acorns Team!

Keeps pulling money out of account!

My experience with this app was very negative. I tried a weekly $5 deposit.. once I started this the app would not stop pulling cash out of my checking account even after I stoped the weekly deposit, and when that didn’t work I tried to use the option that freezes the entire account and is supposed to stop all activity... this did not work either money was still pulled out of my account! I am very disappointed I used this app and fee cheated. If you do decide to allow this company access to your bank account make sure to Monitor it’s activity extremely closely!

Zero support from lying customer service reps

Copy and paste morons who refuse to provide contact information to management. Your money is not safe and they state they will refuse to provide tax information to those who try to escape their incompetence and ignorance.


The only change they really need to make is giving you the option to pick which ETF you want. They only offer VOO. Which is a great one, but not for everyone. Besides this little detail, acorns is literally a dream come true app. I’ve always wanted this my whole life. And acorns made that happen. Would still like to see the option for more ETFs. Like being able to pick CIBR over VOO. But nevertheless......


I recently signed up for Acorn in June and did a one time contribution of $10 and initiated a recurring $20 monthly amount but that wasn’t to start until later in July And I initiated Acorn later, a monthly amount of $ 100 to start in August. I linked my Visa card, initially for the rounding up and then I added my Discover card for additional rounding up in just the last few days. And then the very next day I had all these attempt withdrawals from the Discover account causing my account to be over drawn. I reported this on line through Acorn and the ACH withdrawals were return to Acorns. But leaving my account with insufficient fee charges on my account. This is very scary because my Discover account should not be like this. So now I have un linked both cards. I still have not heard anything back from Acorn.

Password reset

Been trying for weeks to reset my password, I’ve been emailing and leaving voicemails but still till this day haven’t received any notification to reset my password, customer service is not there. The automated message is constantly answering! Part 2 The number they just gave me doesn’t work either lol says there phone services are being upgraded! Really?

US bank does not work

I have used acorns for awhile. Since the beginning of june, acorns no longer access my USB account due to two factor authorization. When will this get fixed?

Can’t close your account AT ALL.

Don’t feel like paying to passively save. Hard to get rid of your account. Edit: contacted support through my computer which said I needed to go to this page to close my account which said I needed to contact support which said I needed to go to the page. This app was great for years. Now it seems like a scam. Acorns obstructionist policies towards deleting your account may even be unlawful. I’ve tried on the computer and my phone. I’ve tried calling the number, which is reads a prompt about upgrading phones and then disconnects. Would definitely use a different app for my passive investing as well as another broker for my ira.

Love Acorns

Exactly as described, pulled out a few hundred for vaca and while on vaca spending money I was still rounding up and putting money back. Perfect for the person who wants to save, invest and be hassle free! Big fan, AND the best part is the returns on your money! Can turn off if in a tight spot and resume when ready, wish I had this years ago! What are you waiting for! WTG, Acorns!

Need to cancel

Have been trying for two days to add my Capital One cards and chase card and can’t. I’m interested only in the rounding up. Tired of trying. Would like to know how to cancel.

Low returns, no customer service

After having money in for several months, there was virtually no return on investment (compared with all my other investments over the same period). Additionally, the “found money” in which you are supposed to receive a % back when shopping at a wide number of businesses- never happened. I used the authorized payment method at vendors listed and never saw a penny. I contacted the company three or four times over the course of three months to inquire about these things. I have yet to receive a response or even an acknowledgement that I have contacted them. Would give just one star but some features are nice, like the rounding up/automatic investment...which is only good if you’re getting a return on the investment. Otherwise you might as well keep cash in a jar.

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