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First day at Arcorns

Nice cool app orienting me to investments but my first day lost $0.09 hopefully I do better in coming days so I stay

Linking banks

I am unable to locate my primary bank and nowhere to add it? I’m unable to utilize the app since o can’t link it to my bank account

Not happy

No one answers the phone ... they don’t provide you w any statements

Great app

It's been a month and I'm up 3.50 on 400 dollars added incrementally from zero. My one small gripe is that two of my accounts had issues linking. I emailed acorns and they said to unlink them, wait 72 hours and re-link. Sure enough that took care of it. I like the option to multiply roundups as well.

I’m new

So far 👍🏽

Good money saving app

Good app that does what it says. I really like the look and layout of the app. Information about my account and balance is easy to read and understand. While I don’t have much (relatively) in my account, I haven’t seen much growth which is a bit of a disappointment. Maybe I’m expecting too much on that last point as this is the only investing app I have used. I tried another one but didn’t like the layout nor how the info was presented so I dropped it. Acorns updated the app today (12/14/17) and Face ID seems to have gotten me into my account a little faster than before. I wish I saw a little more growth in my account but otherwise, this is a good investing app that I use primarily to store up a “rainy day fund” and/or possible emergency fund.



Watch out! Do the Math!

Although the concept is good, and the platform works pretty well. The biggest flaw is their Monthly Fees and the Fine Print! Contributions tend to be below $1.00 and if you have 20 transactions you might contribute $10.00 a month maybe $20.00 if you are a heavy user. Its great to be putting away $120-$240 a year. However Acorns charges a $1.00 Monthly Fee if your account is below $5000.00 or .25% of anything above that. This equates to a 10% to 5% deduction in Your savings! Highway robbery. The investment Fund may increase as well, but guess what. You are paying a Fee there too! Its just taken off the top of your returns. About 1% of the Gross Return. You can do a savings account that automatically contributes $10-$20mo. then invest that into a variety of simple Funds available.

Best way to save money I’ve ever seen.

Just with my spare change. I’ve accumulated over $200 in just 4 months. I love watching my account grow.

DISAPPOINTED (Read before you download!)

To say I’m disappointed is putting it lightly, after seeing the high review rating (I’m now convinced are fake reviews) on this app, and looking for an easy way to do some hands free investing, I downloaded acorns and set up my account. After over a week of my account saying it would be ready in 1-3 business days, multiple emails not being responded to, and multiple phone calls being either not answered after being on the line for 30-45 minutes (ridiculous wait time!) or just “disconnected” I will soon be canceling and deleting it all together. Now, think about this, I’m not the only person here with this issue. And this is just trying to get my account set up. Imagine when you have an issue with your money, or can’t withdraw. Do you really think you can trust them with your livelihood? Great idea, absolutely terrible execution.

Great functional application

I recommend this app to anyone wanting to save some money. Whatever your income level may be, you can find a way to save money with this app. Just set it up and forget it, this is literally the best way to use this app. Hi can’t believe how easy saving is and how little installation savings with spare change turns into a significant amount saved!! Thank you... Anthony

Easy Saving

This app is easy to use. Fast growing and lets you use your pocket change to change your finances.

Acorns For A Year

Now have $2,000 saved

App reliability issues

Updating the review, having issues with logging in for the last two days yet again. The app is not very reliable. Multiple times I was not able to login and had to restart the app. Not what you expect from an investment app.


You do t even know you’re saving then when you look BAM! I saved $600 in 6 months.

Non-existant customer service

Downloaded app on 11/14. Received confirmation email with the name of person who will be assisting in setting up account. And then silence. Nobody from Acorn cared to follow up. 2 weeks later I reached out to support and received reply saying they need docs for identity verification. I submitted docs and received email confirmation about docs received. And then silence again. No follow ups, nothing. I reached out to support again. Today is 12/13 and I’m still waiting for account setup to be completed. One month to setup account!!! Really???


Good afternoon is there anyway possible that I can contact you and speak to you privately

Save save save!

You know how public schooling is awful for never teaching kids about credit cards, savings, investing and taxes? Well they are. Teach young ones how to make goals and use apps like this and they will gain knowledge into the real world and be able to save. A digital piggy bank that grows almost without you realizing it is a great thing.

Loving it

Educational videos, the different portfolio options, the round ups of course etc. have me happy I chose to invest with my acorns account. I’ve encountered no problems to date.

Lost money

I understand that the market goes up and down. But whoever is in charge of brokering my shares is not handling business. It's been at a continuous decline and they have lost my money. Both what I've invested and any future fees they hoped to receive.

Financial Fun with a nice profit margin

This is a great way to grow a savings account into an investment account. Initially I signed up for the fun of depositing rebates and seeing how that compared to depositing the same money into a savings account. Acorn is a great way to grow both your perspective on savings and investments-and your money!

One Problem

This would have been a 5 star review except for one thing. When an app says it takes “spare change”, and uses odd change example (.34, .57, etc,), I do not expect them to take a full $1 every time I make an even dollar purchase. The day I incur an overdraft fee because of this is the day I leave Acorns. If you are going to do this, you should give us the option to limit the size of withdrawals.

Acorns history

Why did y’all get rid of the history tab it’s my only complaint!!!!

Easy to understand, needs more support for smaller banks

Easy to understand, needs more support for smaller banks. Great way to get into investing but make sure you know the risks and consequences.

Money you forget you have

I love this app. I’ve been using it for about a month and a half, and I have a nice little chunk of change sitting in it already! I love that It’s money I forgot I had :) and the interest rates, I’m making more in interest on the small amount in this than I have in my SAVINGS account. Incredible. I recommend this to everyone!

The best app to save money ❤️

I love it !!! I’ve save a lot of money

I love Acorns!

Love the simplicity. User interface could not be easier. A+ for beginners, advanced, and all investors in-between!

Not as Advertised.

I am giving this app 1 star for the following reasons: 1. It makes you turn off two factor Authentication. In today’s society that is vastly becoming a big mistake 2. Most importantly I have had this app for two weeks and have yet to see one withdrawal from my bank for the roundups or transfers I have made. For an app with 4.7 out of 5 stars, I would expect much better. I am beginning to think these reviews are fake reviews.


Don’t like it. Half the time the app isn’t working. The idea is good but don’t want to do it.

I wish I could invest in certain stocks

The investments are just broken down into 5 categories. Ranging from conservative to aggressive. All wish I could see in the individual stocks I’m investing in.

Update: Great idea, poor functionality.

Acorns reached out to me and said they were sorry that my bank needed re-authentication and they had no control over it but they would be happy to help me if I emailed them. I’m not sure why they refused to address the issue... I tried multiple times to re-Link my account to no avail and the over 30 minute wait times when I called in is unacceptable. You still get one star for sending a lame response to a legitimate problem and providing no solution. I signed up on a Friday and had to wait until the following week for Acorns round-ups to start working. Still, my wife and I were very excited about the idea. Round-ups worked for 3 days and then I got an error message saying MFA access has changed or this application’s access has been revoked. I called three different times, each time I was greeted with a message saying the wait time would be over 30 minutes and ended up hanging up. This app is a great idea but the poor level of execution and customer service is enough for me to withdraw our funds and close the app. Extremely disappointing.

Great way to save

Decent way to save money. Wish there was a way to set up multiple accounts :?

My bank isn’t a choice

Please add more banks. Associated Bank is not a choice so I can’t even use the app

Waste of time

I have attempted setting up an account for my wife for close to two months. Still not happening. Tried calling customer support and the representatives seem distant and not interested. The only service the suggest is unlinking the account then linking it again. Well I’m getting pretty tired of that answer just to see it not working. They have no problem charging me for the service fee but I have yet to get any service. Pretty ridiculous with so many investing apps and services out there.


Unable to process request Unable to accept security questions Unable to get ahold of support waiting 45 min Unable to send email to get help either Update: Unable to link card Unable to get ahold of support 3 calls total of 1hr 40 min wait time, still haven't talked to anyone or got an email back —————— Update finally got ahold of someone and they knew that TD Bank is not supported for the spare change features. Why wouldn’t that be announced be fore hand coulda saved me a lot of time and aggravation

Acct. Unlinked

Occasionally when I check my account I get a message saying my account is not linked. I'm not sure if this a flaw with the app or bank. I do know that when I put in my correct account information it tells me it is incorrect. This is frustrating. I enjoy having this acct and hope that it remains user friendly.

Unable to link to bank account.

I was excited to start rounding up and investing the change from my debit card purchases. Alas, the app would not allow me to sync with my bank account. Just kept asking for the answers to the security questions associated with my bank ad infinitum. “What is the first name of your father’s father?” I answer. “What is the first name is your father’s father?” I answer again. Repeat, repeat again. Rinse, repeat. Collapse from exhaustion. I give up.

Will not answer phone after numerous attempts

Will not answer phone after numerous attempts to reach them

What I think about Acorn

I have had my account for a year now and I have invested about 600.00 in one year. Who knew a few dollars a week could add up to so much and the round ups also help. The best way to invest in yourself.

Bank not listed

Would’ve loved to use this app but my bank was not listen (suncoast federal credit union)

Waste of Time and Money

Garbage app

Great idea BUT Needs BITCOIN!!!!

Good idea but needs options in crypto currency like bitcoin or kite coin. So we can make real gains. If Acorns waits to long the real gains are gonna be gone ...

Love the app since I was a beta user

I’ve had this app since college and I love it! Even when you don’t do reoccurring investments I “multiply” my roundups by two, don’t notice anything, and the savings add up quickly. The improvements to the app have been really great as well. My only complaint (reason for 4 stars) is they take FOREVER to get your tax documents to you. Literally got them back a week before taxes were due

Simple way to save!

You don’t even realize you are investing or missing money because it’s automatic and adding up your change! Great program!

Love this APP

Great way to save money and best part you don’t even realize or miss the roundup and the small change adds up fast.

Easy to save with

Honestly acorns is amazing. I don’t use it as a retirement fund as much as I use it to save for trips and events. But it’s great. And it happens in the background of your life. No mess. No fuss.

Doing everyone a favor

Read section 10 in the program agreement only put 5 stars to get this seen

Great Concept

What an easy and painless way to save! This makes it I love watching my Acorns account grow. Acorns makes investing possible for anyone!

New to this

Waiting to see what happens but app is easy

Saves cash

Great way to passively save money. Just make sure there is cash in your account :)

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