Acorns Investing: Invest your spare change App Reviews

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Great app

Very impressed with this app that is really easy to use. Its amazing how quickly spare change can grow into funds for investing! Highly recommend this if you want to have a little nest egg!

Super clean app, convenient investments

Monitoring my portfolio in this app is the sparkle that gets me through a Tuesday.


You can put in as much as you want as long as you put $5.00 then its a VERY easy app to use & a lot of tutorials if you need help!! Then if you need to withdraw money NO COST!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP!!

Love this app!

Its the easiest app to save money and gain some back as it invests your money for you.

Easy way to invest!

I appreciate the simple, intuitive format of this app. It makes it a no-brainer to invest, even for people like me who have no clue. I love that I can choose how aggressively I want my account to be based on when I plan to cash out. A perfect addition to my 401K!

Doesnt have my bank on here

Doesnt have my bank on the list of banks

Great app

The is a great investment app. Easy to read and understand

Great investment tool

Im an old guy but still use Acorns to invest my change. The goal for me is to have enough saved via Acorns to take my wife and I on a killer vacation after retirement. This app makes that goal simple. IF you are a 20 something or younger you are smart and wise to use this app.


This is the savings app Ive finally been waiting for

Best app to start investing

I had never thought much about investing until this app. I was a poor college student and had saved hundreds of dollars before I new it.

Great & easy $$$

Best app that Ive downloaded yet

Got me familiar with basic investing...

Overall its very easy to understand the app. Kind of cool and Ive always wanted to get involved in Wall Street lol. I gave it 4 out of five stars because Im seeing minimal profit. I have a very low investment and am not investing high risk, (the app does all this automatically but its easily changed by user). So I really should be giving it 5 stars.

Great App

Very helpful app. Helps you save without actively saving. I highly recommend it.

Best Savings App for a Recent Graduate

Acorns has made saving money incredibly convenient and mindless. I would recommend this to recent college graduates or anyone who has trouble putting away money every month.

Investing for EVERYONE

I highly recommend this app. Its simple, its intuitive, and you will amass savings and a portfolio without breaking a mental or financial sweat.

Very cool! Makes investing easy!

Love this app... Should have started using it sooner!

A Great Intro & Way to Build Investments

Acorns is a great way for people new to investing, with little to no knowledge to start out. Its cheap to start, and Acorns only charges $1/mo, which if youre putting in $100+/mo in spare change from your credit/debit card transactions, is a great rate! Ive been pleased with the five types of portfolios they offer, and their customer service has been top notch when Ive had to call. Just remember to watch when you turn on auto-round-up features, that you dont overdraw on the account youre using. Also, I found it practical to switch the round up from $1 to $0.10 when purchases Ive made are a whole dollar amount. All in all, a great app, with great support, that explains what it does and what you need to do very well.

Awesome app

Love this app

Great app

Great app for micro investing. I love it!


Great for folks who want to invest without thinking. In just a short while Ive saved about $1.7K and now the money is compounding. Planning to up my weekly adds by a lot. Thanks Acorns! Up 9% in one year not bad....

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