Acorns: Invest Spare Change App Reviews

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Great App for saving

Started using Acorns last year and have thoroughly enjoyed the ease of saving my change. Another benefit has been how easy and user friendly it has been. I would highly recommend getting started!

Great app!

Ive only just reached investor status but this app makes investing so easy. I feel good about putting tiny sums away rather than great big chunks of cash probably a hold over from my piggy bank days. Keep up the great work Acorns!

Great secret account

Nice way to add up small savings and change. Would be nice if they added more controls to select view modify the portfolio.

This is the path to wealth

You cant be wealthy until you learn how to make your money work harder than you do. Acorns is one of the simply ways I recommend people use to get started with investing. Answer a few questions and Acorns sets up a bunch of accounts covering stocks bonds etc. the best part, start with five bucks, use round ups to get the spare change out of you bank account and invest that too. Got room to automate? Acorns does that do with regular transfers your accounts starts growing almost like magic.

Easy way to save $$

Easy way to save money!


Great way to start saving!

New to this

I like it so far. Hope my review shows up.

Solid app and company

I really like what there doing here. Great idea for beginner investors, since it is diverse portfolios you are investing in, you wont always win, but I havent lost much money. My thoughts for now

Great app!

I love it! Its just a fun hobby investment.

Investing made easy

With little investment experience I have found this to be very easy to set aside money without really having to think about it. Well done!

Easy Savings

This app is so simple to use.. Great piggy bank. Your money adds up and really your earnings is much more then any interest type can make with the banks.


Ive made almost $1,400 in just over a year without even noticing. My financial advisor better worry about his job!

Great app tho

Great must have app

Great App

This is a tremendous app for saving. Just set it up and watch it become your new best friend. Save, save, save!!!! Twos and fews turn into many of twentie$.

Fun Easy and Making me a few bucks!

Easy interface. Easy deposit/withdrawals If needed and Im kind of addicted to checking it every day or a few times a day. And overall its even making me a few bucks!

Such a cool concept

This app is awesome. I cant even express how excited I am about this concept. Even if its only a little bit of money, this app helps me feel engaged in the money saving process. It is the only fun way to save that Ive ever encountered.


Thought it was a weekly investment I was one, seems theyve been taking money out of my account at will. Mine is not rounding up their just pulling money from my back account to make it seem that way.

A great way to get started investing!

I downloaded this app to help teach my kids about investing. Easy to install but linking you bank or credit union can be a problem if it is not listed.....

Great and simple investing

Easy to get started. And easy to keep going!

An important service

Acorns made an elegant app to provide and important service. They open investing to people at almost any income level, whereas it usually requires capital that many dont have. I plan to stick with it for years.

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